My life with Opera

May 11 2020, I restarted my life with Opera on Mac, after 10 years of dull life with Chrome on Windows.

Restoring Opera Windows

(This was my first post to YouTube)

I tested restoring multiple Opera windows on macOS and felt it fast enough. The testing environment is as follows:
– Opera: 68.0.3618.91
– macOS: Catalina (10.15.4)
– Mac: Mac mini (2018) 3.8GHz QC i3 8GB. (about $900. :-))

Yes, I met Opera for the first time in 10 years to fall in love today. It has become more attractive and powerful than before. Even in a normal way of use, It is far comfortable than other browsers I’ve used until yesterday.

Like the movie shows, I’m trying to use it in a little funky way :-). As a set of miniaturized windows to look over what I’m doing recently, look into a tab I should take, and full-sizing one to work on it. I wish it possible to pause selected window or tab manually, or to set the scheduling priority of their relevant process. And so on. I expect Opera can realize these controls naturally because of its internal beauty.

What a nice browser.

Restoring multiple Opera Windows on macOS

The movie in higher quality is here:

Another version of testing with pretty xeyes is here:

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